Aeriform Cinema was founded by Nick Blaising & Nick Silva after mixing both their cinematography skills and nerd hobbies into a cocktail of high flying visuals. Both having over 7 years experience in the video & film production industry, we really got hooked the first time we saw a 40mm lens view at 60mph. After that there was no going back. Read more

After the DJI Inspire 2 was released we really saw the opportunity that the technology was putting forward to get shots that weren't possible safely before. New sensor technology, better battery efficiency, and in-flight tools continue to improve and enhance our capabilities. Our ability to add unique motion to video productions has continued to develop, and as the technology has changed, so has our techniques. As we strive to keep up with the advancement of tech, we are always amazed at the variety of tools that are at our fingertips.

We have truly come to appreciate the cinematic opportunities we can grasp as the drone technology continues to get better faster. A whole new world of possibilities in both camera movement and entertainment potential is emerging and we look forward to being on the forefront with you.

Excited to hear about your projects,

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Our Specialities


That perfectly rehearsed one-shot wonder from up in the clouds down into the location. It all starts with your vision and will be seen to completion with our equipment and expertise.

Commercial & Industrial

Whether you need a skyline shot from our stock library to add some pizzaz to your piece or for us to be there to get that perfect moment on sight, we are your team.

Sporting Events

Sailboats on Lake Michigan or drifting at Road America we are always capturing what you need for the edit, and sure to leave you with a few surprise shots.